John Drinkwater



When other beauty governs other lips,
 And snowdrops come to strange and happy springs,
When seas renewed bear yet unbuilded ships,
 And alien hearts know all familiar things,
When frosty nights bring comrades to enjoy
 Sweet hours at hearths where we no longer sit,
When Liverpool is one with dusty Troy,
 And London famed as Attica for wit . . .
How shall it be with you, and you, and you,
 How with us all who have gone greatly here
In friendship, making some delight, some true
 Song in the dark, some story against fear?
Shall song still walk with love, and life be brave,
And we, who were all these, be but the grave?


No; lovers yet shall tell the nightingale
 Sometimes a song that we of old time made,
And gossips gathered at the twilight ale
 Shall say, "Those two were friends," or, "Unafraid
Of bitter thought were those because they loved
 Better than most." And sometimes shall be told
How one, who died in his young beauty, moved,
 As Astrophel, those English hearts of old.
And the new seas shall take the new ships home
 Telling how yet the Dymock orchards stand,
And you shall walk with Julius at Rome,
 And Paul shall be my fellow in the Strand;
There in the midst of all those words shall be
Our names, our ghosts, our immortality.